About Us

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Badri Tech was established as a Private Limited Company with its primary aim to become the leader / pioneer in Solar Power Industry in Pakistan thereby providing Photovoltaic (PV) modules along with related requisites in order to combat the energy crises in Pakistan. After careful thought and research work the state-of-the-art technology was introduced in the most significant and innovative trend which enabled us to become the first company to install the solar power facility all over Pakistan. Badri tech Private Limited is the sister concern of Al Babar Associates which is doing business in various fields like development and construction of land and establishment of housing societies.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan and solar energy

  imagesEnergy Crises in Pakistan is encouraging individuals to develop 12-acre solar farms to sell energy to state. Almost entire textile sector of India has shifted to renewable energy. Pakistan needs to legislate to shift industry to renewable energy to free gas, end energy theft, and meet international emission standards and competitiveness.   Solar sector is the fastest-growing clean-energy industry in the world. Prices of solar panels have declined by more than 60 per cent in the last 30 months. By the end of this year, solar modules are expected to cost half as much as they did four years ago. In 2010 alone, 17 GW of solar-generation capacity was added in the world which could power more than 12.5 million homes.

imsa China produced 48 per cent of the world’s solar panels in 2010.In coming two years time it will be the world’s largest solar energy market.   The solar feed-in tariff, the price of solar-generated electricity, could drop below 12.5 cent for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) by 2015, equal to conventional coal-fired electricity by that time. Technology including dual meter is being adopted in Europe and US that allow individual homes to send surplus energy generated from renewable energy to main grid online and are paid for it. Pakistan can cut the cost of solar panels by using silicon in local deserts.   The advancement in solar technology in form of tiny glitter sized photovoltaic and transparent, spray-on and thin film solar panels turning windows, cars and most surfaces into solar energy producers. These developments offer unlimited future use of solar energy.

images (2)Pakistan should follow the UK, Germany, Bangladesh who can encourage banking sector to finance individual homes to shift to renewable. It will save trillions being lost to corruption, line loses, administrative cost and maintenance. Specially, Punjab government needs to spearhead the drive to adopt renewable energy as the most populous province and support agriculture sector. Renewable energy can be used to reduce Pakistan’s ever increasing $10bn annual fuel imports. By adopting mass transport, Pakistan can cut diesel fuel imports, which reportedly constitutes 80 per cent of total national fuel import. Following the China and UK, Pakistan must return to railway to cut diesel imports by 80 per cent, freight and travelling charges by six times and save trillions being spent on road infrastructures especially mega cities. It can help our country earn billions of rupees annually from railways, as India earns Rs 50bn and UK £6.5bn from rail fares.