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imagesHUQ : How can I become a dealer / distributor on behalf of Badri Tech Badri Solar Systems Pakistan.

Badri Tech: We do accept applications for dealerships from time to time through personal contacts and sometimes through advertisements. If you are interested in becoming a Badri Tech Pvt (Ltd) authorized dealer, please Send an email for dealership @ badritech.com and include: a recent copy of your CV or resume with details about your current employment or occupation and if you have business experience please note down the details of your business, number of years of business experience and where you intend to display solar products. You may kindly add the previous sale history and the future market potentials in your surrounding areas. A brief overview of your plan for our products in your market and the timeline for opening your franchise can also be briefly described?.

images (18)Q :How can I buy your products if I am not in Rawalpindi Pakistan?

Badri Tech: We do business across the country. If you are interested in one of our products, our sales teams are capable to manage the same quickly in accordance with your requirements. Our teams can also help and coordinate / travel to your place to install the products. Additional charges on actual basis however shall be applicable in such cases.

images (21)Q :Where can I see your products?

Badri Tech: Please visit our offices. We have a show room where you can see complete range of our products.


images (23)Q : Why should I buy from you when your competitors have quoted me a lower price?

Badri Tech: Badri Tech Pvt (Ltd) may not have the cheapest rates in the country, but we do have the best solar technology / quality with the best warranties available in the market. Moreover, pre / after sale customer service is our special pride in providing you a solar solution that will work for the years to come.

When you buy from Badri Tech Pvt (Ltd), you are buying peace of mind and an excellent product that is built to last long. Please keep in mind that our competitors may not be adequately scaling your system, which makes the cost seem lower in the first instance but those systems might be underpowered,/ lack genuine batteries and / electronics or be of lower quality.

images (25)Q : What are your quality standards? Do you test equipment before you sell it in the market?.

Badri Tech: Our main priority and focus is on the price and quality. We provide you the best products along with the best warranties at the best affordable price. As our reputation is extremely valuable to us, we always import quality items which are durable and relevant to local requirements. All the items are passed through proper quality control procedures before they are supplied to the customers to protect their interests.

The main consideration when deciding on the input voltage (from your battery bank) of your inverter is the distance between your solar panel array and your battery bank. The higher the voltage, the lower the current and the smaller the (expensive) cables need to be. Of course, when you decide on a system voltage, the Solar Panels, Inverter, and Battery Bank all need to use the same voltage. More detailed information on voltage & current is explained in the tutorial on Power & Watts

To help decide on which voltage to use, check out our Wire Size Calculator which can tell you what size wire is needed to connect the solar panels to your equipment area. You can try all 3 different voltages to see the change that it can make in wire size

Power Inverter considerations

The Power Inverter is connected directly to the batteries and the main AC breaker panel to supply power from the batteries to the loads (appliances). Check out Wires & Cables for more info on the necessary wire size for installing one or use our new Wire Size Calculator. The Power Inverter converts the low voltage DC to 120 volts AC. Power Inverters are available for use on 12, 24, or 48 volt battery bank configurations. Most Power Inverters can also charge the batteries if connected to the AC line. Alternatively, the AC line input could be your own AC Generator in the case of a stand-alone solar power system. When using a AC Generator to charge the batteries, the Power Inverter transfers the AC Generator power to the loads via a relay. This way the AC Generator not only charges the batteries but also supplies your AC power while it is running. If your Generator is at least 5000 watts, you can charge your batteries and have extra AC power at the same time

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Q ;What kind of wires or cable all this stuff together?

The Wire & Cables calculate the required sizes based on the voltage of the system and the distances between components.



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Q ; How can I determine how many solar panels and batteries I’ll need?

This will depend on how much electricity is going to need and how many days be able to run on just battery power alone (no sun at all).





Q ; How to determine charged level of the batteries?

A common voltmeter & voltage chart will provide a good idea.